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This course provides all the information you need to get kick off a custom home construction project. From choosing a land to gathering the right team to budgeting, this course will offer you not only the theory but also live examples from real life projects. Stanford Siu, the founder of Admiral Ops, shares his experience and knowledge based on 15 years in the construction management industry to help those who want to build their custom home get equipped with the necessary information and formulate the right mindset to take control of their projects and reach a substantial level of confidence from day 1. 

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Who is the course for?

If you relate to any of the following, then this course is for you: 

  • you are looking to make money from a custom home project 
  • you have worked hard, saved money and want to build a house to improve your family’s quality of life 
  • your house is too old and you need a new one
  • you have made enough money and want to spoil yourself 
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Learning Path

It always starts with money. We are going to talk about how the budget starts and how it is initially organized in order for the project managers to better figure out how to help you prioritize where your money is spent. Usually, budgets are a touchy and sensitive subject, but this the single most important topic to discuss. Usually, managers refer to the budget as simply a number, but it is MUCH MORE than that. People of different walks of life think of budget in a different way and it is something that is worth the most time to talk about. In this chapter, We will go over what is a hard cost, and what is a soft cost, the different categories of a budget and over the course of the project, how does your budget evolve.

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Building a home consists of hundreds of pieces and can be one of the most complicated parts of the project. We are going to go over how should the team be put together and what should be considered.

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How payments are made to the trades and Vendors is very important. It seems like a simple process, but there are MANY ways that payments are made. If done incorrectly, there are very painful consequences. We are going to talk about (Learning: premise | buying in: what is the pain, what is the gain | topics of interest.

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Change Orders kill projects. If your Manager isn’t talking to you constantly about Change Orders, something is wrong. What is a change order: Change order is the result of an unexpected event that resulted in a difference of expectations. We are going to talk about How to prevent change orders, Common types of change orders, and What to do when it happens.

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A selection is anything that you choose to use in the project. It is a monumental component of your journey in building your home. The time taken to make selections impacts the evolution of the budget and the progress of the project in either direction. As discussed in the budget confidence, selections play a huge role

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Choosing your team is important, but nothing is more important than choosing the actual land you are going to building on. Every piece of property is unique and it is very scary to think about the fact that there is NO turning back after you decide to commit to a piece of property to go on your journey with.  In this chapter, we are going to talk about some of the pros and cons of land, what you may need to spend more money on whether you like it or not, and why you shouldn’t count solely on your real estate agent when buying or committing to a piece of land to build on.

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Your experience working with your manager is a very unique one. On one end, you are paying for their customer service, and you want them to fulfill your needs. On the other hand, you feel that you need to “manage” them, to get what you want. It is very likely that your manager is working on more than one project, and sometimes it may be hard to get a hold of them when you need to. In this chapter, we are going to talk about why it is important to set up ground rules in the beginning,  How best to communicate to help your manager stay on time and budget for you, and what are the common conflicts between owner and manager.

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Designing is where you actually start to see the beginning of what your future home will look like.

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